Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leukemia Mortality Among Survivors

Leukemia is a family of cancer involving the white blood cells. With the exception of lymphocytic leukemia - which is often erroneously included - the disease can be induced by ionizing radiation, and hence is the model of a radiation-engendered disorder. One would therefore expect a sizable increase in leukemia as the exposure level increases from background level of 0.1 cGy as shown in Figure 15. The data - taken from M. Delpha's "Fear of nuclear power could be met with data from Hiroshima" [Delpha, M. Nuclear Europe, 42, 3 1989] - indicate that the leukemia mortality rate shows a minimum at 3.5 cGy, or about ten times the average annual U.S. background level. Only a single data point gives and indication of hormesis; however, a threshold is positively demonstrated, and a clear difference in the effect of low- and high-level radiation is evident - both in conflict with expectations of the LNT.

Source of Figure 15: Leukemia Mortality Among A-Bomb Survivors: Delpha, M. Fear of nuclear power could be met statistically with data from Hiroshima. Nuclear Europe, 42, 3, 1989.