Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's the Holdup?

Fuel reprocessing and breeder reactors are major world-class technologies that our government is keeping its citizens and non-international businesses from participating in. Without it, the fuel for our existing reactors is in jeopardy of becoming uneconomical to mine and process within the next several decades. And without it, we as a nation will be starved for energy and un-competitive in the world marketplace. How can this be? Who would stifle the production and distribution of energy? Who would not stem the misery brought about by an energy poverty?

I am sad to say, there are those who seek this condition. I don't think they believe themselves hateful or misanthropic. They feel that sacrificing others today will bring about a better life for many more others. They are the spiritual descendants of Thomas Malthus and Ned Ludd - and are not aware of the vast gains of the industrial revolution in general, and nuclear power in particular. Nor are they aware of the ability of markets to provide a life with great worth for billions of participants and critics like.

I feel sorry for them in their lack of knowledge.