Friday, March 11, 2016

England, Finland and Germany

Mineral collectors have found places near the Cornish town of St. Austell where the background level reaches 4.3 mrem per minute (37,700 mrem or 37.7 cGy per year) according to the London-based Nuclear Issues. Cornwall and Devon have a cancer incidence well below the British national average. [Beckmann, Petr. Access to Energy, 19, 2, 1991.]

"Conclusions: Our results do not indicate increased risk of lung cancer from indoor radiation exposure." [Auvinen, A., et al. Indoor radon exposure and risk of lung cancer: a nested case-control study in Finland. Journal National Cancer Institute, 88: pp. 966-72, 1996.]

"The observed lung cancer rates of females in high residential radon areas in former uranium mining areas of Southern Saxony are substantially lower than the population average of East Germany. Thus the data from various countries, showing biopositive effects of increased radon levels, can be confirmed in an area which has been closely associated with the history of radiation health effects." [Statement by Schuttmann, W. and Becker, K. (of the German Standards Institute), 1998. Reported in Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data. Muckerheide, James, ed., Radiation Science and Health, Inc., Needham, Mass., Chapter, pp. 1-2.]